Complete Systems for Acoustic Measurement

Complete Acoustic Laboratory Products and Services from ViAcoustics

ViAcoustics provides turnkey system design, integration, installation and training services for  a wide variety of acoustic measurement applications.  What set our systems and services apart from other vendors is the turnkey nature of our systems.  Our systems are deisgned and built in a working acoustics laboratory, allowing us to fully integrate, test and calibrate your system prior to delivery.

Unlike other vendors, who will ship you a bunch of boxes of equipment for you to figure out how to assemble and get working, our systems are delivered fully functional, with all drivers and software pre-installed and tested, cables labeled and all the miscellaneous accessories you will need to start making measurements within days of system installation.

ViAcoustics has experience buildng, installing and training users on measurement systems for a wide variety of applications, including

  • Sound Power Level Determination in ISO 17025 accredited test laboratories
  • Sound Pressure Level Measurement of Products and Equipment
  • Building Acoustics Measurement for Sound Transmission and Sound Absorption
  • Field Noise Surveys, Environmental Noise Analysis, Acoustic Consulting Measurements
  • Attenuation of Hearing Protectors
  • Hearing Research Applications
  • Measurement of High Amplitude Impulsive Events (Gunshots, Explosions, etc)
  • Medical Alarm Signal Analysis
  • Measurement of Acoustic Material Properties (Acoustic Impedance, Damping, etc)

Our systems are easy to learn to use.  Our staff has years of experience teaching users who are new to acoustics how to use an acoustic measurement system.  And our products are powerful enough to meet the needs of accredited test laboratories and acoustic consultants, because our staff has worked in both areas and has developed tools that maintain calibration, meet standards, are technician friendly and engineering powerful.

If you’re looking for a vendor for a turnkey acoustic measurement system, check out our Systems Pages for an example of some of our standard acoustic measurement systems.  If you have a custom measurement application, contact us for more information on how we can develop a custom measurement system to meet your needs.