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REATPro System Configuration

REATPro provides flexible configuration options to support a variety of data acquisition systems and audiometric testing protocols. 

The Output Configuration tab allows you to assign output channels to each channel of the REAT sound system and configure key system settings.





The REATPro Stimulus Sequence setup tab allows you to configure the frequencies to be presented and the order in which they will be presented.  Standardized frequency lists and presentation orders are provided for quick configuration of the stimulus sequence.





The REATPro Timing and Threshold configuration screen provides complete user control over the audiometric threshold determination parameters associated with the test.  Threshold seeking rates and reversal count settings can be controlled here in order to either reduce time to threshold or increase the accuracy of the thresholds.

Use of prior subject threshold and expected protector attenuation also reduces the time it takes to reach both unoccluded and occluded hearing thresholds









REATPro configuration settings can be saved and reloaded into REATPro when the application is first started.  This allows the test facility technical manager to optimize the system configuration settings for the unique needs of the laboratory, and then the test technician can simply be taught to retrieve this settings file when REATPro is started.  Configuration files can be password locked to prevent changes by system users.