Pre-Owned 4 or 8 Channel Acoustic Data Acquisition System

This system was owned by a major computer company and ran their noise emissions lab for many years until they upgraded their systems about 5 years ago.  It uses 2 each of the National Instruments PCI-4452 data acquisition boards.  These are NI’s legacy Digital Signal Analyzer boards with onboard digital signal processors for real time octave band filtering.  The PCI-4452 boards are installed in a Magma 7 slot PCI Expansion chassis and include 2 each of the  NI BNC 2140 interface modules for connection of microphones or other sensors.  The host PC that operates the system is an AMD Athlon processor running Windows XP.

The software for the system consists of NI’s NIDSA with Real Time Octave driver software, NI-DAQ Traditional and the Nelson Acoustics Multi-Channel Real Time Analyzer (MCRTA).  This system and the software is capable of acquiring up to 8 channels (<10 kHz) or 4 channels (to 20 kHz) of simultaneous real time 1/N octave band sound pressure levels and exporting the results into MSExcel spreadsheet templates for analysis and reporting.  The system was designed to conduct sound power level determinations of products and equipment.

The system is currently configured and ready to run on a plug and play basis.   It DOES NOT include any microphones.  We can provide microphones or use your existing microphones.  The NI input module provides IEPE power or BNC inputs for 200 V microphone power supply outputs.

Purchase of this system would include training and 90 day warranty/support.  The system does use NI’s legacy PCI-4552 data acquisition devices.  I have several replacement modules for these units should you experience a failure.

When it was purchased new in the year 2000, the system including hardware, software and services would have sold for around $20,000.  It is being offered here for $5,000


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AMD System 4 MCRTA on AMD System AMD System 3 AMD System 2 AMD System 1


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