Software for National Instruments Hardware

Acoustic Measurement Software Applications for National Instruments Digital Signal Analyzers

VIacoustics offers a variety of acoustic measurement applications to run on your existing National Instruments Digitial Signal Analyzer Hardware. Our software applications provide plug-and-play functionality to meet most any acoustic measurement need. If you already own your National Instruments DSA hardware and need an acoustic measurement software application you’ll find our software is easy to learn to use, technician friendly and will have you making acoustic measurements as soon as you have it installed.

Many of our customers have purchased their National Instruments DSA hardware with LabView and/or the Sound and Vibration Toolkit and have found that developing a full featured, technician friendly acoustic measurement application isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. While these are the same tools we have used to develop our plug and play applications, our software applications are the result of many hours of programming time and many years of acoustic measurement experience, resulting in feature rich acoustic measurement applications with user friendly interfaces.

Our Trident software application is the perfect solution for owners of existing National Instruments DSA hardware who need a full featured, plug and play, acoustic measurement software application.  Our Trident software application is used in many applications including field acoustic consulting, building acoustics measurements, accredited laboratory testing and end-of-line product testing.  Trident is licensed on features basis, allowing you to purchase only the features you need, with the assurance that additional measurement and analysis features can be added as your acoustic measurement needs expand.

Our REATPro and Audiometric Research Tool (ART) software are special purpose applications for the hearing sciences and hearing protector testing industry that provide stimulus generation, signal ouput.