EZDamp - Test Execution

EZDamp Software for Vibration Damping Factor Measurements

EZDamp is an automated software application for the measurement of vibration damping properties of materials in accordance with standards such as ASTM E-756, often referred to as the Oberst Bar Method. Using the EZDamp application you can determine materials properties such as the loss factor, h, and Young’s modulus, E, or the shear modulus, G. […]

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EZQual - Test Execution

EZQual Software for Discrete Frequency Reverberation Chamber Qualification

EZQual is an automated software application for discrete frequency qualification of reverberation chambers in accordance with industry standards such as ISO 3741 and ANSI S12.51 (2010 versions) and AHRI standards such as AHRI 220 and AHRI 260.  The number of test frequencies required to satisfy the requirements of these qualification procedures make this one of […]

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Impedance Tubes

Normal Incidence Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission (Kundt) Tube

Kundt Tube for Measurement of Normal Incidence Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission Acoustic Impendence Tube These machined aluminum Kundt tubes from SCS-Vibroacoustics in Italy are by far the highest quality tubes for measurement of acoustic impedance, normal incidence sound absorption and sound transmission that we have seen.  The modular section design allows it to be […]

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AMD System 1

Pre-Owned 4 or 8 Channel Acoustic Data Acquisition System

This system was owned by a major computer company and ran their noise emissions lab for many years until they upgraded their systems about 5 years ago.  It uses 2 each of the National Instruments PCI-4452 data acquisition boards.  These are NI’s legacy Digital Signal Analyzer boards with onboard digital signal processors for real time […]

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Trident logo


Nelson Acoustics Trident software is a real time multichannel, multiple analysis acoustic measurement application for use in acoustic and hearing sciences laboratory applications.

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Head with gears

Sound Quality Analyzer

The Sound Quality Analyzer (SQA) from Nelson Acoustic Software conducts psychoacoustic sound quality analysis on standard audio WAV format files. SQA is a low cost, easy to learn to use, sound quality analysis tool for use with product and equipment noise emission recordings. SQA processes standard audio WAV format files and provides several methods of […]

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wav file internet icon

WAV File Analyzer

The WAV File Analyzer (WFA) from Nelson Acoustic Software is a post process analyzer for audio WAV Files that provides A-weighted and 1/3 octave band sound pressure levels versus user selectable time intervals. An integrated WAV file player allows users to listen to the file while examining the sound level vs time history. The Wave […]

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REATPlus is a second generation software application for use by hearing protector professionals. REATPlus conducts for conducting Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold (REAT) audiometric measurement in accordance with the ANSI S12.6 and ANSI S3.19 standard test methods on earplugs, earmuffs and other hearing protection devices and systems. Plus, when used in conjunction with our Trident […]

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Vector Lifeline

Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss Analyzer

  Nelson Acoustic Software Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss Analyzer (IPILA) is a software tool designed for the management of time waveforms and the calculation of the Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss (IPIL) of a hearing protector in accordance with the ANSI S12.42-2010 standard.   The IPILA software, working in conjunction with out Trident software, automates the […]

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ear and sound waves

Audiometric Research Tool

Nelson Acoustic Sofware Audiometric Research Tool is an extended frequency, highly configurable audiometer designed for hearing research professionals. It is designed to operate on National Instruments PXI-4461 and PXI-6220 series hardware.   ART is an Hughston-Westlake based audiometer designed for research applications only. It provides researchers with detailed control of stimulus waveform, timing and presentation, […]

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