Medical Alarm Analyzer System


A complete system for analysis of medical equipment alarm signals for acoustical compliance with *IEC 60601-1-8 requirements, which is required as part of 510(k) clearance by the FDA.

Like all of the acoustic measurement systems we provide, all components of the MAA system are tested and configured into a fully integrated system, so you can start recording and analyzing data the same day you receive it. We also offer onsite installation of our systems, and our expert support staff is only a phone call or email away.

Read about our Medical Alarm Analyzer software here, and please contact us for more information about MAA systems.

*IEC 60601-1-8:2006¬†Medical electrical equipment — Part 1-8: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance — Collateral standard: General requirements, tests and guidance for alarm systems in medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems


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