Other Products

Core Sound TetraMic 1st-Order Ambisonic Microphone

TetraMic allows you to place a single tetrahedral microphone in a sound field, record four channels of audio, and transform them into any spatial configuration.

Soundfield ST250 Portable Surround Mic with full kit

The portable, battery-powered ST350 MKII microphone system is aimed at location recording film and TV sound specialists everywhere.

NI cDAQ-9172 Chassis

Legacy 8-Slot, USB CompactDAQ Chassis
Two general-purpose 32-bit counter/timers built into chassis
Run up to 4 hardware-timed analog I/O, digital I/O, or counter/timer operations simultaneously

NI PXI-1031 Chassis

Houses PXI modules and connects them with a high-performance backplane that offers timing and synchronization capabilities.

NI PXI-8360 Remote Control Module

The PXI‑8360 allows you to control PXI and CompactPCI systems from your PC using a fully transparent MXI‑Express link.

NI PCIe-8361 Device for PXI Remote Control

The PCIe‑8361 is an MXI‑Express remote controller for devices or systems over cabled PCI from a computer with a PCI Express slot.

NI PXI-7813R FPGA card with microLEX FlexSPDIF-01 interface

National Instruments PXI FPGA card with microLEX FlexSPDIF-01 interface for testing audio systems.

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