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Nelson Acoustics Trident software is a real time multichannel, multiple analysis acoustic measurement application for use in acoustic and hearing sciences laboratory applications.

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Signal Generator Pro

SigPro generates various noise sources or sine waves and plays WAV files at the desired sound pressure levels. Up to 8 independent sources can be generated real time of either pure tones, white, pink, red, full or 1/3 octave band-limited noise. WAV files of any sample rate can be looped to the desired length.

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Sound Quality Analyzer

The Sound Quality Analyzer (SQA) from Nelson Acoustic Software conducts psychoacoustic sound quality analysis on standard audio WAV format files. SQA is a low cost, easy to learn to use, sound quality analysis tool for use with product and equipment noise emission recordings.

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WAV File Analyzer

The WAV File Analyzer (WFA) from Nelson Acoustic Software is a post process analyzer for audio WAV Files that provides A-weighted and 1/3 octave band sound pressure levels versus user selectable time intervals. An integrated WAV file player allows users to listen to the file while examining the sound level vs time history. The Wave […]

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REATPro Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold Software

Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold (REAT) Testing Application for Hearing Protection Evaluation

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EZLD Level-Dependent Hearing Protector Test Application

EZLD is an automated software data acquisition application for the testing of Level Dependent and Active Noise hearing protection systems and headsets in accordance with industry standards such as BS EN352, ISO 4869 and ANSI S12.42.

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EZIL Hearing Protector Attenuation Application

EZIL is a data acquisition application to conduct insertion loss testing on hearing protectors in accordance with industry standards.

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Vector Lifeline

Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss Analyzer

  Nelson Acoustic Software Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss Analyzer (IPILA) is a software tool designed for the management of time waveforms and the calculation of the Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss (IPIL) of a hearing protector in accordance with the ANSI S12.42-2010 standard.   The IPILA software, working in conjunction with out Trident software, automates the […]

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Audiometric Research Tool

Nelson Acoustic Sofware Audiometric Research Tool is an extended frequency, highly configurable audiometer designed for hearing research professionals. It is designed to operate on National Instruments PXI-4461 and PXI-6220 series hardware.   ART is an Hughston-Westlake based audiometer designed for research applications only. It provides researchers with detailed control of stimulus waveform, timing and presentation, […]

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Your Time Is Running Out

Medical Alarm Analyzer

Analysis of medical equipment alarm signals for compliance with IEC 60601-1-8 requirements

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LvT – Level vs Time – Reverberation Time Analyzer

LvT is an optional add-on module of our Trident Multi-Channel Acoustic Analyzer. Customize and automate your reverb time testing procedure, then visualize data as it is collected and export to Excel. 

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EZQual - Test Execution

EZQual Software for Discrete Frequency Reverberation Chamber Qualification

EZQual is an automated software application for discrete frequency qualification of reverberation chambers in accordance with industry standards such as ISO 3741, ANSI S12.51, AHRI 220, and AHRI 260 and simplifies one of the most time consuming and tedious qualification methods in standardized acoustic testing. 

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EZDamp - Test Execution

EZDamp Software for Vibration Damping Factor Measurements

EZDamp is an automated software application for the measurement of vibration damping properties of materials in accordance with standards such as ASTM E-756, often referred to as the Oberst Bar Method. Using the EZDamp application you can determine materials properties such as the loss factor, h, and Young’s modulus, E, or the shear modulus, G.

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EZ2611 Normal Incidence Sound Transmission Application

EZ2611 is an automated testing application designed to efficiently perform sound transmission tests on materials in an impedance (Kundt) tube to the ASTM E2611-09* standard.

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Reflection Coefficient

EZ1050 Normal Incidence Sound Absorption

EZ1050 conducts normal incidence acoustic impedance and sound absorption analysis per the ASTM E1050 standard. EZ1050 is a post process analyzer that works with audio WAV file recordings made using two microphones in a tube.

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NI PXI Chassis

Our preferred form factor for laboratory measurement systems and high channel count systems.

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NI PXI-4461

A 2 input, 2 output PXI device for use in measurement applications that require both input and output, such as building acoustics measurements for sound transmission and sound absorption, or our REATPlus software application for hearing protector testing

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NI PXIe-4463

2 analog output channels 24 bit, 204.8 kHz sampling; 118 dB dynamic range 3 analog gain settings NIST Traceable Calibration Installs in PXI expansion chassis such as PXIe-1073 or PXIe-1082 for high channel count applications   National Instruments PXIe-4463

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NI PXIe-4464

The National Instruments PXIe-4464 is our standard data acquisition card for laboratory sound pressure level measurement and sound power level determination of low noise products. It is also used for high speed time waveform recording for our impulsive measurement applications.

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NI PXIe-4499

The best selection for very high channel count systems that require analog gain to accomodate low voltage transducers.

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NI PXI-6220

A low cost solution for digital I/O and reading analog sensors.

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CompactDAQ & Wireless Carriers

cDAQ chassis offer a wide variety of configurations from high channel count to wireless connectivity.

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NI 9250

NI 9250

2-Channel, 102.4 kS/s/ch Simultaneous, ±5 V, C Series Sound and Vibration Input Module This 2 channel device for USB interface using either the cDAQ 9171 single slot carrier for a low cost 2 channel digital signal analyzer or the multi-slot cDAQ 9174 for a multi-channel data acquisition system for sound and vibration measurement.  The NI […]

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NI 9260

NI 9260

51.2 kS/s/ch Simultaneous, 3 Vrms, 2-Channel C Series Voltage Output Module—The NI‑9260 is an instrument-grade dynamic signal generator for testing the audio components and capabilities of consumer electronic devices and providing excitation in structural test applications. Unlike sound card-based solutions, the NI‑9260 can be deployed quickly and recalibrated to guarantee long-term measurement repeatability and decreased […]

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NI USB-9234

A low-cost, four-channel data acquisition module that can be mounted in a CompactDAQ chassis.

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G.R.A.S. 46AE Standard

Used in laboratory acoustic measurements and for measuring quiet products (less than 30 dBA).

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G.R.A.S. 146AE Ruggedized

Like the 46AE, but built to withstand extreme conditions.

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For low cost measurement systems for products with higher noise emissions and less critical measurement accuracy.

G.R.A.S. 40PH

For low cost measurement systems for products with higher noise emissions and less critical measurement accuracy.

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G.R.A.S. 46AQ

1/2″ Random Incidence Microphone for use in Reverberant Test Environments

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G.R.A.S. Low Noise Microphone Systems

State of the art transducers for laboratory measurement of products with very low noise emissions.

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Microphone In Real Ear (MIRE) Kit

MIRE kits utilize miniature microphone capsules that fits under a hearing protector or in the ear canal.

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intelligent pistophone

G.R.A.S. Microphone Calibrators

G.R.A.S. calibrators provide a traceable daily calibration reference for your acoustic measurement system.

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G.R.A.S. sound intensity probes are compatible with our Trident software application, including support for 3D and wide band sound intensity measurement.

G.R.A.S. Sound Intensity Probes

G.R.A.S. sound intensity probes are compatible with our Trident software application, including support for 3D and wide band sound intensity measurement.

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KEMAR Mannequin

The KEMAR Mannequin from GRAS Sound and Vibration is an acoustic test fixture that provides the Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) by simulating the physical characteristics of the human auditory system, head and torso. The KEMAR Mannequin is used to auditory research application and binaural recording/sound quality applications. When fitted with IEC 711 couplers, the […]

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45CB with Hearing Protector

G.R.A.S. 45CB Test Fixture

G.R.A.S. provides a full line of test fixtures to support acoustic measurement, recording and auditory measurement applications.

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G.R.A.S. 43AA Ear Simulator Kits

The ear simulator is designed to resonate in the same way that the human ear does, which gives accurate results without the need for more expensive and bulky mannequins when performing audiometer calibration or production line testing of headphones or headsets.

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GRAS 45ca hearing protector fixture

G.R.A.S. Sound and Vibration Model 45CA Hearing Protector Test Fixture

The G.R.A.S. Hearing-Protector Test Fixture Type 45CA is for testing the performance of hearing-protection devices such as ear plugs and ear muffs (supra-aural as well as circumaural). It conforms with ISO 4869-3 and can be used with one1 or two2: WS1P or WS2P microphones respectively 1-inch or ½-inch (with adapter, e.g. RA0017) IEC 60318 Ear […]

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GRAS Sound Power Fixture

Sound Power Microphone Array Fixtures

The Sound Power Hemisphere array fixture from GRAS Sound and Vibration provides and easy and repeatable method for positioning and holding an array of microphones for sound power level determination. GRAS Hemisphere Brochure_21-1

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Impedance Tubes

Normal Incidence Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission (Kundt) Tube

Kundt Tube for Measurement of Normal Incidence Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission Acoustic Impendence Tube These machined aluminum Kundt tubes from SCS-Vibroacoustics in Italy are by far the highest quality tubes for measurement of acoustic impedance, normal incidence sound absorption and sound transmission that we have seen.  The modular section design allows it to be […]

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ETS Enclosure with 10 mics

Small Device Test Chambers

Basic sound level measurement, pre-compliance testing, and end of line manufacturing tests on small products and equipment.

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Free Field Test Chamber for sound pressure level measurement, sound power level determination, acoustic research and audio measurement applications

Anechoic Test Chambers

Free Field Test Chamber for sound pressure level measurement, sound power level determination, acoustic research and audio measurement applications

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Reverberation Chambers

Reverberant Test Chambers for sound power level determination and building acoustics measurements

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Notebook PC

Our turnkey systems use notebook computer by Dell and Hewlett Packard to insure compatibility with all National Instruments drivers and our Trident software application.

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Desktop PC

VIacoustics provides fully integrated acoustic measurement systems with a personal computer as a host, and insure compatibility with all hardware and software.

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Shure 522 Base-Station Microphone

This desktop microphone is used in the REAT system to talk to test subjects from the control room. It has a push-to-talk button, which is integrated into the system to control muting of the boundary microphone in the testing room and eliminate feedback.

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Cables, Connectors and Fixturing

VIacoustics fully integrated systems include all cables, connectors and fixtures required for plug and play installation at your site. Consult your system quotation for the exact provisions that have been made for fixtures such as microphone stands or mounts, or other test fixtures required to put your system into operation quickly with all needed accessories

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Furman Elite-15 PFI

The Furman Elite Power Conditioner is used in REAT systems to ensure stable power and reduce electrical noise to all components of the system.

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Crown 135MA Three Input, 35 Watt Mixer-Amplifier

These amplifiers are used in our REAT systems for talk-back and talk-forward microphones, and support muting via external switch. This is useful to avoid feedback when communicating back and forth between testing and control rooms.

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Bryston 6BSST² Three-Channel Amplifier

Paired with our custom built high-power attenuator, this amplifier supplies the power to generate a sound field with a noise floor below the threshold of human hearing, which is necessary for Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold (REAT) test systems.

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response switch attenuator control front

VIacoustics Response Switch and Attenuator Control Unit

Interfaces with optical and mechanical switches, controls L-pad via software, and controls muting of intercom in REAT systems.

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