Medical Alarm Analyzer

The Medical Alarm Analyzer conducts time and frequency analysis of medical equipment alarm signals for compliance with IEC 60601-1-8 requirements using audio WAV file recordings of the alarm signal.

Medical Alarm Analyzer is an executable, plug-and-play application that will work with WAV file recordings generated from any recording device.

The analyzer conducts analysis of Low, Medium and High Priority Alarms for the following characteristics


Medical Alarm Analyzer Features at a Glance:
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Medical Alarm Analyzer – File Import and Settings

The medical alarm analyzer is designed to analyze WAV file recordings of medical alarm signals in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60610-1-8. 

Flat line alert on heart monitor
Medical Alarm Analyzer – Time Waveform Analysis

Medical Alarm Analyzer conducts time waveform analysis on medical alarm signals for compliance with the requirements of IEC 60601-1-8

Medical Alarm Analyzer – Frequency Analysis

MAA conducts frequency analysis on alarm signals to insure the spectral content meets IEC 60601-1-8 standard for required harmonics in the signal.

Close-Up Musical Notes
Medical Alarm Analyzer – Melodic Sequence Analysis

For melodic alarms, the MAA software determines the frequency information of each note and compares it to a specific alarm melody dictated by IEC 60601-1-8.

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The Nelson Acoustics Medical Alarm Analyzer sells for $3,500 USD