Hearing Sciences Research

REATPro Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold Software

Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold (REAT) Testing Application for Hearing Protection Evaluation

Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) Player

Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) Player The Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) is used to evaluate speech intelligibility of microphones, headphones or any portion of a communication system. MRT testing is described in ANSI_ASA S3.2. In this test, a talker instructs a listener on the other end of a communication system to identify a word. For example, […]

Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) Recorder

Software application for recording phrases for a Modified Rhyme Test (MRT), which is used to test speech intelligibility of a communication system.

IPLA Pro – Impulsive Peak Level Attenuation Software

IPLA Pro is a software application that calculates Impulsive Peak Level Attenuation (IPLA) in hearing protectors in accordance with ASA/ANSI S12.42-2023. IPLA Pro works in conjunction with VIacoustics Trident (and optionally, IPLA Automator) to collect, manage and process *.wav files to determine the IPLA rating for hearing protectors. IPLA features include: File Loading and Management […]

EZLD Level-Dependent Hearing Protector Test Application

EZLD is an automated software data acquisition application for the testing of Level Dependent and Active Noise hearing protection systems and headsets in accordance with industry standards such as BS EN352, ISO 4869 and ANSI S12.42.

Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss Analyzer

VIacoustics Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss Analyzer (IPILA) is a software tool designed for the management of time waveforms and the calculation of the Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss (IPIL) of a hearing protector in accordance ANSI S12.42-2010. The IPILA software, working in conjunction with out Trident software, automates the data acquisition and analysis process associated with […]

Audiometric Research Tool

VIacoustics Sofware Audiometric Research Tool is an extended frequency, highly configurable audiometer designed for hearing research professionals.

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