Sound Power Level Estimation System


The VIacoustics Sound Power Level Estimation system is a low cost system for conducting sound power level measurements on products and equipment for product development and pre-compliance testing. The Sound Power Level Estimation System uses 4 microphones and a 4 channels of data acquisition to create an economical system for the estimating the sound power level emissions of products and equipment.

The system includes a host signal processing unit running our Trident multi-channel software application. Four (4) GRAS microphones and a microphone calibrator are included, with all the cables, connectors, holders and stands needed to arrange them into a sound power measurement array. A MSExcel template for calculation and reporting of sound power level results is included.

For products and equipment with sound pressure level emissions greater than 20 dBA, our low cost Sound Power Level Estimation System uses the National Instruments cDAQ data acquisition device and the GRAS Sound and Vibration model 40PH microphones. All hardware and software is certificated for compliance with *IEC-61672 Class 2 sound level meter requirements.

For small products, the Sound Power Level Estimation System can include and be integrated into a Small Device Test Chamber, for a complete turnkey system. For larger products, the Sound Power Level Estimation System can be used for in-situ measurements or in an Acoustic Test Chamber designed to meet the unique needs of your product and your host site.

*IEC 61672:2013 Electroacoustics – Sound level meters


VIacoustics supplies Small Device Test Chambers from ETS-Lindgren as part of its standard and custom test systems for product noise emission measurement.

Small Device Test Chambers are available in four standard sizes that address most small device measurement applications.

For more information on Small Device Test Chambers, check out the ETS-Lindgren Small Device Test Enclosures webpage.


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