G.R.A.S. 46AE Standard

Used in laboratory acoustic measurements and for measuring quiet products (less than 30 dBA).

G.R.A.S. 146AE Ruggedized

Like the 46AE, but built to withstand extreme conditions.

G.R.A.S. 40PH

For low cost measurement systems for products with higher noise emissions and less critical measurement accuracy.

G.R.A.S. 46AQ

1/2″ Random Incidence Microphone for use in Reverberant Test Environments

G.R.A.S. Low Noise Microphone Systems

State of the art transducers for laboratory measurement of products with very low noise emissions.

Microphone In Real Ear (MIRE) Kit

MIRE kits utilize miniature microphone capsules that fits under a hearing protector or in the ear canal.

G.R.A.S. Microphone Calibrators

G.R.A.S. calibrators provide a traceable daily calibration reference for your acoustic measurement system.

G.R.A.S. Sound Intensity Probes

G.R.A.S. sound intensity probes are compatible with our Trident software application, including support for 3D and wide band sound intensity measurement.

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