Basic Sound Level Measurement System


VIacoustics Basic Sound Level Measurement System is an economical and easy to learn to use system for measurement of A-weighted and proportional octave band sound pressure levels.

The system utilizes a National Instruments CompactDAQ data acquisition device and the Trident software application to provide a basic, computer based, sound pressure level measurement system.

The key difference between our Basic Sound Level Measurement System and a traditional sound level meter is it’s tight integration with your PC and the ability to easily export data to MSExcel spreadsheets for analysis, comparison and reporting. They key benefit over low cost sound level measurement programs that use sound cards for data acquisition is confidence in calibration and compliance with *IEC 61672 sound level meter measurement requirements, necessary for compliance with ISO and ANSI measurement standards quality system requirements like *ISO 9000 and *ISO 17025.

The Basic Sound Level Measurement System is supplied with a single GRAS Sound and Vibration model 40PH array microphone and a GRAS microphone calibrator with traceable calibration data. NI 9250 input modules that plug into the CompactDAQ devices each have (2) microphone inputs. More modules can be added to the system to expand it for multi-channel functionality for Sound Power Level Estimation and Sound Power Level Determination.

The Basic Sound Level Measurement System is a perfect entry level sound level measurement system for measurement of noise emissions of products and equipment in factory, laboratory or field environments. The Basic Sound Level Measurement System hardware is easily transported in a backpack or briefcase along with the host computer that runs the system.

*IEC 61672:2013 Electroacoustics – Sound level meters

*ISO 9000 family – Quality management

*ISO/IEC 17025 – Testing and calibration laboratories


Trident’s basic operational mode is the sound level meter mode. In this mode, Trident provides A-weighted and Linear Sound Level readings and, optionally, can provide 1/N octave band levels (1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12 and 1/24 octave). The sound level meter mode provides a free running, exponential averaging real time analyzer operating mode and an Leq averaging measurement mode. Max Hold mode allows for detection of the maximum A-weighted and/or 1/N octave band levels obtained during an acquisition.

Trident’s scalable licensing allows users to purchase only the features they need for their measurement program, making Trident and National Instruments USB hardware an affordable option to a basic sound level meter for applications requiring only Awtd and/or 1/N octave analysis.


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