Audiometric Research Tool


VIacoustics Audiometric Research Tool is an extended frequency, highly configurable audiometer application designed for hearing research professionals. It is designed to operate on National Instruments PXI-4461 and PXI-6220 series hardware.

ART is a Hughston-Westlake based audiometer designed for research applications only. It provides researchers with detailed control of stimulus waveform, timing and presentation, response timing and audiometric threshold seeking logic.


  • Supports all ANSI S3.6 Table 2B extended frequencies plus additional frequencies (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
  • Provides trace history data for each threshold determination
  • User controllable stimulus and response timing
  • Data export to MSExcel for post-process analysis and reporting

ART was originally developed for research applications and with the input of NIOSH and is now supported by VIacoustics for use in hearing research laboratory applications.


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ART sells for $5,000.

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