Used in laboratory and field enviorments for measurements in reverberant fields. Random incidence microphones provide uniform frequency response when sounds are coming randomly for all directions, as they are in a reverberation chamber.

The 46AQ is used for sound power level determination, sound transmission loss measurements and sound absorption measurements conducted in a reverberation chamber or other reverberant test environment.

BNC connection and CCP power is compatible with National Instruments data acquisition systems.

  • 1/2” Random Incidence Microphone
  • Prepolarized Microphone (GRAS 40AQ)
  • CCP Powered Preamplifier (GRAS 26CA)
  • 50 mV/Pa sensitivity
  • 3 Hz to 12.5 kHz +/- 2 dB
  • 17 dBA noise floor
  • 135 dB Max SPL

Additional product information and data on the GRAS 46AQ can be found here:

Product Data Sheet (PDF)


GRAS 46AQ Features at a Glance:
BNC Cable
Microphones – IEPE Powered Transducer

Powered by NI Devices and Uses Common BNC Cables

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