EZDamp Automated Execution Mode

EZDamp provides both single test point manual mode operation and multiple test point automated execution modes.  The automated mode provides instructions to the temperature chamber controller to go to the desired temperature, while monitoring a thermocouple to determine if the bar has reached temperature.  Once the bar has reached the required temperature, within the configured settling tolerances, signal generation to the bar is automatically started.  The transfer function associated with either the Bare Bar or Damped Bar is determined by comparing the input signal to the output from the system accelerometer.  When the signal averaging is completed, automated signal processing algorithms identify the modes and determine the damping factor.

When the data acquisition at each temperature is completed, EZDamp instructs the controller to go the next temperature and starts the process over again until data at all configured temperatures has been collected.  Automated control functions can power down chamber fans during data acquisition to assure that external vibration sources do not affect the test.

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