REATPro – Automated Threshold Detection (deprecated)

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REATPlus Threshold DeterminationREATPro – Automated Threshold Detection

REATPro uses the threshold detection settings from the configuration file to automatically determine hearing thresholds in both the Unoccluded and Occluded subject modes.  The stimulus is automatically presented as configured in the stimulus settings and the subject response state determines rather the next stimulus level increases, or decreases, for determination of hearing thresholds using the modified Bekesey audiometric method.

Stimuli are presented at each configured test frequency, with the user having full control over the frequencies presented and the order in which the presentation is made.  All frequencies required by ANSI S12.6, ANSI S3.19 and ISO 4869-1are supported.

Threshold determination is based on the mid-points of the sound pressure level reversals shown on the Trace History display.  This sound pressure level vs time trace history can be exported to more detailed analysis after the test is completed.

Both the current Unoccluded, and Occluded, thresholds are displayed, allowing the use to both check the subjects unoccluded thresholds and visualize the attenuation of the hearing protector under test.  Thresholds are displayed in both tabular and graphical form

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