Sound Isolation

Small Device Test Systems from VIacoustics use Small Device Test Chamber from ETS-Lindgren to provide sound isolation of exterior sounds from interfering with the measurement of the sound emissions of your device.

Small Device Test Chambers provide up to 50 dB of sound isolation at frequencies above 1,000 Hz and at least 20 dB of isolation down to 100 Hz.

The amount of sound isolation you will need will depend on:

  • The sound pressure levels in the host environment in which the Small Device Test System will be installed.  This should be known in octave bands from 100 Hz up to 8000 Hz.
  • The sound pressure levels emitted by your device.  Again, this should be known in at least octave band frequency resolution from 100 Hz to 8000 Hz
  • The criteria for the noise emissions from your product


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