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VIacoustics Products and Services for Information Technology Equipment Manufacturers

If you’re an IT company with a noise emissions measurement need, then you’ve come to the right place.  We’re experts in Information Technology Noise emissions.  We’ve been testing the noise emissions from computer and business equipment since the personal computer was invented.

Located in Austin, TX during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, we were in the middle of the PC revolution with the only accredited acoustics laboratory for making the ISO 7779 noise declaration measurements.  Dell, Compaq, Intel, Cisco and HP all had IT noise emission measurement programs that started in our laboratory at Acoustic Systems.  Later these companies put in their own acoustic noise emission test facilities, many of them using the equipment, software, and test methods they learned from our lab at Acoustics Systems.

Jeff Schmitt, the principal engineer at VIacoustics, current serves at the chair of the working group that maintains the ISO 7779 and ECMAS-74 test methods for noise emissions from Information Technology Equipment, which makes us both intimately familiar with the technical requirements of the standard but also up to speed on the current best measurement and reporting practices within the IT industry.

Our offerings to the IT industry are full service, no matter what you might need.

  • Need an acoustical consultant to help you understand ISO 7779, noise declarations, noise specifications and European regulatory requirements for noise emission?  We can help!
  • Need an independent test laboratory to start testing your product for noise emissions per ISO 7779 and ECMA-74?  We can help!
  • Need to design a new test facility, including test chambers and instrumentation for measurements per ISO 7779 and ECMA-74?  We can help!
  • Need equipment and/or software for testing your equipment for sound pressure level emissions, sound power level determination, or sound quality analysis?  We can help!
  • Need a consultant to help you understand why your IT equipment is emitting noise, not meeting regulatory requirements, and to help you develop noise control solutions?  We can help!
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