Product and Equipment Manufacturers

VIacoustics Solutions for Product and Equipment Manufacturers

If you make a product that makes sound and you’re required to measure and/or specify the level of those sound emissions, then VIacoustics has products, systems, and services to help you get started.  From handheld devices that barely make perceivable sounds, to large equipment with sound emissions being monitored for hearing conservation and worker safety related concerns. We have hardware, software, and transducers to meet those measurement needs, and the expertise to teach you how to use them.

If you’re being asked to provide sound power level data and don’t understand the difference between sound pressure level (in dB) and sound power level (also in dB), then VIacoustics is the right place for you to start.  We’ve helped many product and equipment manufacturers get started with acoustic measurement.

Check out our systems for sound level measurement by product and equipment manufacturers:

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