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VIacoustics provides fully integrated acoustic measurement systems that utilize a workstation class personal computer as a host. In order to insure bios compatibility with the National Instruments drivers and VIacoustics software, we provide host PC systems that we have validated for compatibility and the performance of the system we are designing.

We typically provide Dell Precision Workstation hosts and then install all drivers and configure the system for plug and play installation. Systems are purchased with 3 year, onsite, next business day warranty coverage by local technical support providers. Systems are also provided with the required MSExcel licenses, required by our Trident software for configuration and export.

A System Build Notes document is provided with each system which outlines a step by step procedure for building a new host for your system, should the current host ever fail.

If required to meet your company IT preferences, we can also provide HP workstations. Due to driver compatibility issues, we generally do not support hosts other than Dell and HP machines.

Dell Workstation with monitor


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