REATPro is our third generation software application for use by hearing protector professionals. REATPro conducts for conducting Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold (REAT) audiometric measurement in accordance with the ANSI S12.6, ANSI S3.19 and ISO 4869-1 standard test methods on earplugs, earmuffs and other hearing protection devices and systems. Plus, when used in conjunction with our Trident software, REATPro also supports many other measurements commonly conducted in hearing protector test laboratories, including MIRE and fixture based testing of hearing protectors. REATPlus operates on National Instruments PXIe-4463, PXIe-4464 and PXI-6220 series hardware. REATPro is an automatic Bekesey audiometer program designed to provide stimulus and track responses for sound field hearing threshold determination for both occluded and unoccluded conditions. REATPro also provides calibrated signal generation for MIRE and fixture based tests.



  • Tracks both unoccluded and occluded hearing thresholds
  • Provides both thresholds and trace history
  • Provides tools for sound field calibration
  • Automated attenuator control and gain adjustment
  • Data export into MSExcel for post-process analysis and reporting


REATPlus is the third generation of the REATMaster software originally developed in 2007 by Nelson Acoustics Software for the NASA Glenn Research Center and in conjunction with technical input from NIOSH. IN 2010 the REATPlus second generation application of hearing protector evaluation was released which added additional features.  IN 2014 REATPro was released and has been adopted by several large hearing protector manufacturers and government hearing protector laboratories.  REATPro has been enhanced with additional features and is now supported by ViAcoustics for laboratories with an interest in hearing protector attenuation measurement.

REATPro Features at a Glance:
3d database with tools
REATPro – Configuration

REATPro provides flexible configuration options to support a variety of data acquisition systems and audiometric testing protocols. 

REATPro – Stimulus Generation

REATPro provides complete user control over Stimulus Setup parameters and complete user control over Threshold Detection parameters.

Girl listening with her hand on an ear
REATPro – Automated Threshold Detection

REATPro uses the threshold detection settings from the configuration file to automatically determine hearing thresholds in both the Unoccluded and Occluded subject modes.  The stimulus is automatically presented as configured in the stimulus settings and the subject response state determines rather the next stimulus level increases, or decreases, for determination of hearing thresholds using the modified […]

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REATPro – Excel Export

REATPro MSExcel Export Feature REATPro provides seamless data export to MSExcel based template files that users can customize to meet their own data analysis and reporting needs. Both Unoccluded and Occluded thresholds, as well as the standard deviations of the trace reversal mid points used to derive the threshold are exported. A file header section […]

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