Trident Multi-Channel Acoustic Analyzer

VIacoustics Trident software is a real-time multi-channel, multiple analysis, acoustic measurement application for use in:

The Trident software application can be used in most any acoustic environment.  Applications include:

Trident operates on National Instruments data acquisition hardware devices such as:

These devices provide a wide range on input voltage capabilities, sampling rates, interface types and price points for creating everything from low cost sound level measurement systems to high end laboratory test systems.

Multi-channel real time acoustic analyzer software for national instruments digital signal acquisition devices. Measure sound pressure, sound power levels, FFT analysis, ISO 532B* Loudness analysis, calibrated time waveform recording module.

Learn more about Trident and it’s analysis capabilities on the Features Tab.

*ISO 532B: Acoustics — Method for calculating loudness level


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VIacoustics Trident software is available in a modular license format that allows you to purchase only the modules you need for your measurement application, making Trident an affordable acoustic measurement software alternative for most any application.

License Type  Awtd or Recording Only (Note 1,2) 1/N octave and A-wtd (Note 1) Add  Modules FFT, Loudness or Time Waveform Recording (Note 3)

Full Package

A-wtd, 1/N octave, FFT, Loudness and Recording 
System Integration (Note 4)

USB - Single Channel 



+ $1,000 ea 


+ $500 

 USB - Single Device



+ $1,000 ea 


+ $500 

PCI/PXI Single Device 



+ $1,000 ea 


+ $750 

USB/PCI/PXI Multi-Device 



+ 1,000 ea 


+ $1,000 

Note 1 - Includes Run Time License to National Instruments Sound and Vibration Toolset 

Note 2 - 25% discount for Recording Only Trident license when purchased with Sound Quality Analyzer 

 Note 3 - Add on modules purchased after initial software purchase subject to additional license upgrade fee of $250

 Note 4- System integration includes installation of drivers, software and configuration of Trident only.  System integration services performed at VIacoustics facilities.  VIacoustics must provide PC (at additional cost) or user must provide a NEW host PC to VIacoustics specifications.  Additional system integration costs may be applied for systems with multiple microphones or other system components.  Exact system integration costs provided with system quotations.

Trident Add-On Modules 

Limit Analyzer Feature 


Reverberation Time Modules (Single USB Device) 


Reverberation Time Module (PCI/PXI Devices) 


Sound Intensity (Single USB Device) 


Sound Intensity (PCI/PXI Devices) 


Sound Intensity with GRAS Wide Band Probe Sound Intensity Support 


Trident Developers Modules

LabVIEW callable modules for building custom measurement applications using Trident's 1/N, FFT or ISO 532B Loudness analysis


Trident Software Annual Upgrade and Maintenance Contract Options 

When purchased at time of software purchase and maintained continuously since software purchase 


of software cost

When purchased at time upgrades are available 


since purchase
System Installation, Training and Support Options 

System installation and training services are provided by VIacoustics.  Training is provided by an acoustic engineer with over 30 years experience in acoustic measurement.  Training services include how to use the Trident software and how to apply it to your measurement application.

Online Training - Single Device 1/N & Awtd Only (1 or 2 sessions, 5 hrs max) 


Online Training - Multi-Device 1/N & Awtd Only (1 or 2 sessions, 6 hrs max)


Online Training - Multi-Device/Multi-Analysis (1 or 2 sessions, 8 hrs max) 


Onsite Installation and Training - All Configurations, Most US Locations 


Annual Support Contract - Single Device Awtd, 1/N octave or Recording Only

Up to 10 hours telephone, e-mail or online support


Annual Support Contract - Multi-Device or Multi-Analysis

Up to 20 hours telephone, e-mail or online support


Annual Support Contract Renewal (after first year)

(50% of hours listed above)


of above

Additional Hours Training or Support 


Customized Analysis Template Spreadsheets for Trident 

$500 to

$1.000 each

 Online training discount of 20% if system integration services have been purchased

Software Timed License Rental Options

The VIacoustics Trident software is also available with timed licenses for use on short term projects or for companies that want to expense their software purchases.  A USB based licensing key will be provided with timed license software rentals.  The USB key must be present in the system for the software to operate.

90 day software rental 

25% of license cost +$250 license key fee

1 year software rental 

50% of license cost +$250 license fee key

Notes :

  1. Software rental costs, exclusive of license key fees, may be applied to Trident license purchase at end of rental period
  2. Standard system integration, training and support costs, as needed, are applicable in addition to software rental prices 

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