EZQual Automated Test Execution Mode

EZQual Automated Test Execution mode is designed to allow you to Start It, Walk Away and come back to get your data. The Automated Test Execution mode steps the system through each frequency required for the qualification, presents the signal at the specified gain adjusted voltage level, acquires the sound pressure levels using the Trident Application Programming Interface (API) and logs the data into tables for review and export.

EZQual test execution controls allows you to Stop and Re-Start a test from any point in the sequence, or to re-run individual test frequency(s) , as needed, to correct any acoustic anomolies that may have occurred during the extended data acquisition session. EZQual automated executions may run from 1 hours to 5-6 hours, depending on the frequency range to be covered and the sound pressure level averaging time at each frequency.

A background logging feature records the results at the end of each test frequency, allowing you to recover and restore a session in the event of a system failure that might occur in the middle of a long data acquisition.

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