EZQual setup allows you to configure the qualification measurement to meet the needs of your reverberation chamber and instrumentation system. Key setup paramters for EZQual include

  • Qualifying chambers using one channel for chambers using a rotating boom or up to six channels for chamber using fixed microphones
  • Reference microphone and Voltage monitor channels – The Reference Microphone channel monitors the near field speaker microphone for reference levels. EZQual can also be used in an anechoic test chamber to generate reference levels for the qualification speaker
  • Set Lower and Upper Frequency Limits for qualification. Qualify your chamber over the full frequency range (50 Hz to 2,500 Hz) or for Lower and Upper Frequency limits appropriate for your chamber.
  • Control output voltage in each band and equalize for speaker frequency response anomalies within the band. Speaker gain adjustments provided for each individual test frequency
  • Save Configurations so that they can be quickly reloaded in the future
  • Direct your output data to pre-configured Excel templates for analysis.

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