SQA – FFT and STFT Analysis

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) and STFT (Short Time Fourier Transform) analysis on audio WAV format files.

The following analysis functions and settings are provided with the SQA FFT Analyzer

  • Magnitude Spectrum, Power Spectrum and Power Spectal Density
  • Windowing – Hanning, Hamming, Blackman-Harris, Exact Blackman, Blackman, Flat Top, 4 Term B-Harris, 7 Term B-Harris, Low Sidelobe
  •  User selectable frequency resolution (1 Hz minimum)
  •  Adjustable frequency axis settings for visual zooming
  •  Two level cursors with indicators for frequency and level
Sound Quality Analyzer FFT Analysis
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The Trident STFT Analyzer provides a powerful graphical display of the narrowband signal analysis vs time. The display can be very useful for identification of tones and modulations in the time waveform. It is also used in conjunction with the SQA filtering and listening tools to provide a visual guide for setting filters.

Sound Quality Analyzer FFT display
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