Sound Quality Analyzer

The Sound Quality Analyzer (SQA) from Nelson Acoustic Software conducts psychoacoustic sound quality analysis on standard audio WAV format files. SQA is a low cost, easy to learn to use, sound quality analysis tool for use with product and equipment noise emission recordings.

SQA processes standard audio WAV format files and provides several methods of establishing level calibration.

  • Recordings made with our Trident data acquisition software have embeded normalization and will automatically be calibrated with retrieved into SQA
  • Recordings made with Bruel and Kjaers Pulse data acquisition system can have calibration information read directly into SQA
  • Recordings with known A-weighted sound pressure levels can calibrated based on the known level
  • Recordings of a calibration signal with the settings as the recording to be analyzed can be used to establish level calibration

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts the following analysis

  • Weighted Sound Levels Overall (A, B, C, Linear)
  • Weighted Sound Levels vs Time (A, B, C, Linear)
  • 1/N Octave Band Analysis (1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24)
  • FFT Analysis (Magnitude, Power Spectrum, Power Spectral Density) with user selectable resolution
  • Short Time Fourier Transfer (STFT) Analysis
  • Recordings of a calibration signal with the settings as the recording to be analyzed can be used to establish level calibration
  • ISO 532B Loudness (Overall and Specific Loudness)
  • Time Varying Loudness including temporal masking (Specific Loudness)
  • Sharpness (Aures method)
  • Roughness (Aures method)
  • Fluctuation Strength (Aures method)
  • Tonality (Overall and TN)

In addition to the analysis metrics, SQA also provide filtering and listening tools that allow users to compare sounds from different files and filter out tones.

Sound Quality Analyzer is an executable application and requires no data acquisition hardware to operate, freeing up the data acquisition station and allowing users to conduct detailed sound quality analysis at their desk.

Sound Quality Analyzer is licensed in two versions. The Lite version provides only the sound level measurement metrics (Overall Levels, Wtd Levels vs Time, FFT, STFT, Filtering and listening). The Full versiod provide all of the sound level measurement metrics plus all of the Sound Quality metrics (Loudness, Sharpness, Roughness, Fluctuation Strength and Tonality).

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Sound Quality Analyzer Features at a Glance:
volume knob with calibration
SQA – Level Calibration

Sound Quality Analyzer provides several methods for achieving proper level calibration of WAV files, which is an inherently uncalibrated file format, but a convienient file format because there are so many ways to record and listen to WAV format files.

dB meter
SQA – Sound Level Analysis

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts several sound level analysis functions on audio WAV format files.

brian with headphones
SQA – Filtering and Listening Tools

Sound Quality Analyzer provides tools for listening to your audio WAV files while you view the analysis.

SQA – FFT and STFT Analysis

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) and STFT (Short Time Fourier Transform) analysis on audio WAV format files.

SQA – ISO 532B Loudness (Sones)

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts psychoacoustic loudness analysis of audio WAV files in accordance with the ISO 532B standard, proving the loudness of the file in Sones.

fingernails on blackboard
SQA – Sharpness

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts Sharpness analysis on audio WAV files.

Texture of tree cortex
SQA – Roughness

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts Roughness analysis on audio WAV files.

SQA – Fluctuation Strength

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts Fluctuation Strength Analysis on audio WAV files.

Retro tuning fork
SQA – Tonality

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts Tonality Analysis on audio WAV files Tonality is the ratio of correlated energy to uncorrelated energy in a signal.

SQA – Prominent Tone Analysis

Sound Quality Analyzer conducts prominent tone anlysis per the Promince Ratio method as defined in industry standards such as ISO 7779 and ANSI S1.13.

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The Nelson Acoustics Sound Quality Analyzer is available in two license packages Sound level analysis only (Weighted Leq, SPL vs Time, FFT, STFT) - $3,500 USD Sound level and Sound quality analysis (full package) - $7,500 USD