NI PXI Chassis

Our preferred form factor for laboratory measurement systems and high channel count systems.

NI PXI-4461

A 2 input, 2 output PXI device for use in measurement applications that require both input and output, such as building acoustics measurements for sound transmission and sound absorption, or our REATPlus software application for hearing protector testing

NI PXIe-4463

  2 analog output channels 24 bit, 204.8 kHz sampling; 118 dB dynamic range 3 analog gain settings NIST Traceable Calibration Installs in PXI expansion chassis such as PXIe-1073 or PXIe-1082 for high channel count applications   National Instruments PXIe-4463

NI PXIe-4464

The National Instruments PXIe-4464 is our standard data acquisition card for laboratory sound pressure level measurement and sound power level determination of low noise products. It is also used for high speed time waveform recording for our impulsive measurement applications.

NI PXIe-4499

The best selection for very high channel count systems that require analog gain to accomodate low voltage transducers.

NI PXI-6220

A low cost solution for digital I/O and reading analog sensors.

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