IPLA Pro is a software application that calculates Impulsive Peak Level Attenuation (IPLA) in hearing protectors in accordance with ASA/ANSI S12.24-2023. IPLA Pro works in conjunction with VIacoustics Trident (and optionally, IPLA Automator) to collect, manage and process *.wav files to determine the IPLA rating for hearing protectors.

IPLA features include:

File Loading and Management

  • Manages all time waveforms needed for IPLA rating per ANSI S12.42-2023
  • Automatically loads new recordings directly after each Trident acquisition
  • Can batch load an entire directory of recordings, or manually load/replace single recordings
  • Evaluates Calibration and Closed Ear recordings for standard compliance
  • Accommodates 132 dB, 150 dB and 168 dB files simultaneously

Results Display and Processing

  • Measures and evaluates the following metrics for standards compliance:
    •  Peak sound pressure levels
    • 1/3 Octave Band Signal to Noise Ratios
    • A-Duration and Rise Time
    • Calibration Transfer Functions (Hff)
    • Estimated-Measured Open Ear levels
  • Displays the following intermediary metrics:
    • Impulse Insertion Loss (IIL)
    • Impulsive Level-Dependant Attenuation (ILDA)
    • Impulse Complex Insertion Response (ICIR)
  • Allows for the entry of custom REAT Limits for IIL
  • Calculates IPLA using both the standard Friedlander impulse and custom impulse from a WAV file
  • Determines whether hearing protector exhibits linear or nonlinear behavior

Data Export

  • Exports detailed data to a Microsoft Excel Workbook for post-process analysis and reporting
  • Saves all waveforms as a single *.tdms file
  • Stores ICIR and Calibration Transfer Functions as *.tdms files


IPLA Pro offers numerous ways to load all files needed for an IPLA rating.

A “scan for files” setting enables WAV files to  be automatically loaded directly after the Trident acquisition. The Wave Spec Name is read from the file path and displayed in a dialog that appears when the new WAV is detected.

As files are loaded, each is evaluated for standards compliance for all appropriate metrics. These include peak sound pressure levels, third-octave band signal to noise ratios, a-duration and rise time.

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