NI 9250


2-Channel, 102.4 kS/s/ch Simultaneous, ±5 V, C Series Sound and Vibration Input Module

This 2 channel device for USB interface using either the cDAQ 9171 single slot carrier for a low cost 2 channel digital signal analyzer or the multi-slot cDAQ 9174 for a multi-channel data acquisition system for sound and vibration measurement.  The NI 9250 has a low noise input that is capable of a 20 dBA noise floor using a standard 50 mV/Pa IEPE microphone and < 5dBA when used with a GRAS Low Noise Microphone system.

Use the NI 9250 with a GRAS 46AE microphone and our Trident software for a low cost computerized sound level measurement  and data acquisition system




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