Normal Incidence Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission (Kundt) Tube


Kundt Tube for Measurement of Normal Incidence Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission
Acoustic Impendence Tube

These machined aluminum Kundt tubes from SCS-Vibroacoustics in Italy are by far the highest quality tubes for measurement of acoustic impedance, normal incidence sound absorption and sound transmission that we have seen.  The modular section design allows it to be configured for either sound absorption or sound transmission.  The microphone holder system assures that the transducers remain flush to the inside of the tube and makes it easy to reverse the microphones during calibration. Machined aluminum construction reduces influence of background noise and tube wall absorption.

Tubes are available in 100 mm diameter for low frequency measurements and 28 mm diameter for high frequency measurements.  A 45mm tube allows measurements over most of the frequency range of interest for materials in a single tube.

A pavement adapter is available for measurement of sound absorption of road surfaces in the field.

These Kundt tubes are instrumented with GRAS microphones, National Instruments signal generation/data acquisition devices, and our Trident software for acquisition of the signals needed for post process analysis using our EZ1050 and EZ2611 applications. These systems satisfy the requirements of ASTM E1050, ASTM E2611, ISO 534-1.


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