WAV File Analyzer

WAV File Analyzer FullThe WAV File Analyzer (WFA) from Nelson Acoustic Software is a post process analyzer for audio WAV Files that provides A-weighted and 1/3 octave band sound pressure levels versus user selectable time intervals. An integrated WAV file player allows users to listen to the file while examining the sound level vs time history.

The Wave File Analyzer is the perfect analysis tool for conducting detailed sound level analysis on any audio WAV file. It can provide very short time interval 1/N Leq sound levels on products or equipment with time varying sound levels. And, it can analyze very long WAV file recordings of environmental noise or plant noise.

WFA processes standard audio WAV format files and provides several methods of establishing level calibration, allowing WAV files made on most any hardware to be analyzed using the WFA.

  • Recordings made with our Trident data acquisition software have embedded normalization and will automatically be calibrated with retrieved into SQA
  • Recordings made with Bruel and Kjaer’s Pulse data acquisition system can have calibration information read directly into SQA
  • Recordings with known A-weighted sound pressure levels can calibrated based on the known level
  • Recordings of a calibration signal with the settings as the recording to be analyzed can be used to establish level calibration

Typical applications for Wave File Analyzer include :

  • Noise emissions from appliances and equipment that goes through various operational cycles
  • Plant noise monitoring from recording dosimeters
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Pulsed alarm signals

The integrated player and cursor controlled playback feature allows users to listen to the file at any point in the level vs time analysis in order to identify operational or environmental events associated with level changes.

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WAV File Analyzer Features at a Glance:
volume knob with calibration
WFA – WAV File Analyzer – Calibration

WAV Analyzer provides several methods for achieving proper level calibration of WAV files, which is an inherently uncalibrated file format, but a convienient file format because there are so many ways to record and listen to WAV format files.

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WFA – WAV File Analysis Configuration

The Nelson Acoustics WAV File Analyzer allows you to set your analysis parameter for sound level versus time analysis of audio WAV Files.

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WFA – Level vs Time Analysis

The Nelson Acoustics WAV File Analyzer software provides sound pressure level vs time analysis over the user specified frequency range and time intervals. 

WFA – Play Back and Listen

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WFA – Excel Export

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The Nelson Acoustics WAV File Analyzer sells for $3,500 USD