VIacoustics + National Instruments = Your B&K Pulse Alternative

It Costs How Much ?

If you’ve been looking at the Bruel and Kjaer Pulse data acquisition system, then you know how expensive high quality acoustic measurement systems can be.  And, just wait until you figure out how much it costs for the annual licensing fees.

Send an Engineer to School for a Week…  Or Let Us Train your Technician in a Day

If you need a plug and play solution.  If you don’t need to spend weeks learning to use a complex interface, just to make a simple acoustic measurement.  Then VIacoustics and National Instruments have a solution for you.  Our Trident software application provides an easy to learn user interface and a plug and play solution for many common acoustic measurements.  You’ll be making measurements that same day we install the system

Don’t Sacrifice Power for Ease of Use

National Instruments data acquisition hardware, when used with the LabView Programming language and the National Instruments Sound and Vibration Suite provide a powerful user interface for your developing your own customized applications. The Sound and Vibration Assistant provides a drag and drop user interface for your NI Digital Signal Analyzer, similar to the Pulse interface.

Acoustic Measurement Systems you can Afford

VIacoustics and National Instruments provide a viable alternative to the Bruel and Kjaer Pulse, at a price most of us can afford.  Depending on your measurement needs, the costs could be substantially less, and without sacrificing measurement accuracy or capabilities.

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