Sound Quality Analysis Software

Sound Quality Analysis Software that’s easy to use at an Affordable Price

Our Sound Quality Analyzer software application conducts psychoacoustic analysis of product noise emissions for evaluation of the loudness and annoyance of these sounds.

Our plug and play, hardware-independent Sound Quality Analyzer for audio WAV files is an affordable alternative to the expensive psychoacoustic analysis packages offered by the major acoustic instrumentation system suppliers.  The Sound Quality Analyzer provide signal processing, visualization and auralization tools for psychoacoustic analysis of standard audio WAV file recordings for the following analysis and metrics:

  • Sound Level – Overall Leq, Max, Ln, A-B-C Weighted and Sound Pressure Level vs Time analysis
  • Frequency Analysis – 1/N octave analysis, FFT analysis (Mag, PS, PSD), STFT
  • Loudness – ISO 532B Zwicker Loudness (Sones)
  • Sharpness – Aures Method
  • Roughness – Aures Method
  • Fluctuation Strength – Aures Method
  • Tonality – Aures and Prominence Ratio
  • Audio and Listening – High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass, Band Stop filtered listening tools