End of Line Noise Test System

End of Line Noise Test Systems from ViAcoustics are designed to support end of line product noise testing on factory floors and quality assurance environments. Using the Limi Analysis features of the Nelson Acoustic Trident software, users can set noise emission maximum, minimum or control range criteria based on Awtd and/or 1/N octave band criteria. Criteria can be customized for most any type of product based on the noise emissions of known good and bad units. The large front panel Pass/Fail indicator allows operators to quickly determine if units meet the criteria. Data on units that fail can be exported for further analysis.

The End of Line Noise Test System can be used with a Small Device Test Enclosure to make a turnkey system for end of line product noise test

Components of the End of Line Noise Test System:
Trident logo

Nelson Acoustics Trident software is a real time multichannel, multiple analysis acoustic measurement application for use in acoustic and hearing sciences laboratory applications.

NI USB-4431

Four input, one output, USB data acquisition device for use in sound level measurement, sound power level estimation and end of line testing applications. Also a good choice for acoustical consultants for use in field sound level and building acoustic measurement applications.

For low cost measurement systems for products with higher noise emissions and less critical measurement accuracy.
G.R.A.S. 40PH

For low cost measurement systems for products with higher noise emissions and less critical measurement accuracy.

Cables, Connectors and Fixturing

ViAcoustics fully integrated systems include all cables, connectors and fixtures required for plug and play installation at your site. Consult your system quotation for the exact provisions that have been made for fixtures such as microphone stands or mounts, or other test fixtures required to put your system into operation quickly with all needed accessories

ETS Enclosure with 10 mics
Small Device Test Chambers

Small Device Test Chambers are used for >Basic sound level measurement of small products and equipment >Pre-compliance testing of small products and equipment >End of line manufacturing test on small products and equipment Small Device Test Chambers provide acoustic isolation from outside sounds and/or reduce the sounds from the device under test radiating into the host […]

Notebook PC

Our turnkey systems use notebook computer by Dell and Hewlett Packard to insure compatibility with all National Instruments drivers and our Trident sofwtare application

End of Line Noise Test System Related Services:
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System Integration

ViAcoustics turnkey measurement systems are built in a working acoustics laboratory and are fully assembled, calibrated and tested for plug and play oepration when the arrive at your site.

Please contact ViAcoustics at info@viacoustics.com for information on pricing.