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Products and Services for Household Appliance Manufacturers

Household appliance manufacturers need to measure and control the noise emissions of their products to meet labeling, regulatory and customer acceptance requirements.  Many of our household appliances are now offered with a variety of “sound packages” which are the key differentiator between products at different price points.  This makes measurement of noise emissions from these products a key need for appliance manufacturers.

For manufacturers providing appliances to the European community, you may find that measuring and labeling your product for noise emissions  in accordance with IEC 60704 is important.

VIacoustics has a variety of products and services to support household appliance manufacturers

  • Our Sound Power Level Determination system will operate in full compliance with IEC 60704 and the ISO 3744 or ISO 3741 sound power level determination standards.
  • Our Trident Software application is the heart of all of our acoustic measurement systems and an ideal tool for measurement and recording of noise emissions of household appliances
  • Our Sound Quality Analyzer is a useful tool for appliance manufacturers who recognize that customer acceptance and quality perceptions are based on the quality of the noise emissions, as much as the level of the noise emissions.  Our Sound Quality Analyzer  can help you engineer the sound of your product to meet customer expectations and increase product sales.
  • Our Engineering and Consulting Staff is intimately familiar with the requirements of IEC 60704, ISO 3744, ISO 3741 and measurement of noise emissions from household appliances.

Need a noise control engineer to help you with noise emissions from household appliances?  Our partners at Nelson Acoustics provide Consulting Services on low noise product design.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked with a number of the largest household appliance manufacturers.  If you’re a household appliance manufacturer with a noise measurement or noise control project, please give us a call.  We can help.

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