Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) System


The Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) is used to evaluate speech intelligibility of microphones, headphones or any portion of a communication system. MRT testing is described in ANSI_ASA S3.2. In this test, a talker instructs a listener on the other end of a communication system to identify a word. For example, the talker might say “Select the word bent” while the listener is visually shown the words “went, sent, bent, dent, tent, and rent” to select from. The ability of the listener to properly identify the word is used as a metric to evaluate the intelligibility of the communication channel component being evaluated.

The VIacoustics MRT system is a platform for performing repeatable, level-calibrated MRT tests in the presence of noise. It includes the MRT Recorder and MRT Player, which can be used together or independently. National Instruments DAQmx devices are used for signal recording and playback.


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